The framework for creating synthetic life

What it means to Develop Biology

Develop Biology is an attempt to merge natural sciences, like biochemistry and neuroscience, with computer science. If successful, this code will be capable of achieving artificial general intelligence and much more. This is an ambitious project that has been many years in the making. We have already used early versions of this framework to create robots with life-like behavior: learning and adapting in real time, short and long term memory, and emotions with internal desires.

Our goal is to provide scientists with the tools they need to accelerate their research and provide programmers with a platform for fast implementation of complex ideas. We welcome you to join our community, to be inspired, and help us build the future!

Motor, the Develop Biology Mascot

Meet Motor, the Develop Biology Mascot. He's a vesicle that contains everything you'll want to know about our framework.

He's pretty shy, so give him some time to warm up 🙂

(i.e. we haven't finalized all the documentation yet)


screenshot of Vesicle documentation.


If you're ever confused about what a term or phrase means, try searching for the term online and reading up on the real-world concept.

Our code and styles should model real-world phenomena as much as possible. The color scheme for this site, for example, is based around florescent microscopy! The same is true of our code. Even though it can be incredibly dense and complex, bordering on arcane, it is all related to established research and techniques which should be readily accessible to you.

Is this for me?


Whether you're a programmer, researcher, theorist, or just want to do some cool shtuf, this framework is intended for you no matter what your background is. We won't lie and say we expect you to know all of the terminology and concepts involved, but if we did our jobs well you won't need to. Our high level APIs should be intuitive and easy to use, and if you feel like it, you can take a deep dive into the inner-workings of our universe.




Convert Between Languages

While still experimental, the core framework has a built in system for adding interpreters and outputs (called Axes) which will allow you to read in code from one language, convert that code to Biology-native data, and at your convenience, translate that code into another language of your choice. Theoretically, this would allow you to do something like combine Python and JSON and output PHP (or vice versa).

Also, this will allow you to create your own shorthand code for any language. Theoretically.


Easily extend the Develop Biology framework by creating your own modules.

Package Management

Combining Biology modules with our Infrastructure repository, we’ll be able to offer our own built-in package and dependency management utility. This is already in use for EBBS, which is used to compile the Biology source code.

Join us in creating a new kind of life

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