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bio::bond_type Namespace Reference


BondType Empty ()
BondType Manage ()
BondType Temporary ()
BondType Unknown ()
BondType Use ()
BondType Virtual ()

Function Documentation

◆ Empty()

BondType bio::bond_type::Empty ( )

Signals a bond is not pointing to anything.

Referenced by bio::chemical::Bond::Break(), and bio::chemical::Bond::IsEmpty().

◆ Manage()

BondType bio::bond_type::Manage ( )

An Manage Bond should be used for basic types by a Surface. This will instruct the Surface to take ownership of the Managed Wave*, tying the Wave*s life cycle to the Managing Surface. In other words, Managed objects will be deleted by the Manager (the Atom with the Bond).

Referenced by bio::molecular::Surface::~Surface(), and bio::molecular::Surface::Manage().

◆ Temporary()

BondType bio::bond_type::Temporary ( )

Temporary Bonds indicate that the Bonded object will be Unbound shortly. These are like van-der-waals or other weak interactions.

◆ Unknown()

BondType bio::bond_type::Unknown ( )

Default if no type is specified.

◆ Use()

BondType bio::bond_type::Use ( )

A Use Bond serves the same purpose as a Manage Bond in that it is intended to instruct Surfaces on how to handle the Bonded Wave. However, Use Bonds will not be deleted when the User is destroyed.

Referenced by bio::molecular::Surface::Use().

◆ Virtual()

BondType bio::bond_type::Virtual ( )

Virtual() Bonds represent a sort of pseudo-vtable where child classes can store pointers to themselves in the Atom parent such that they can be down and cross casted without RTTI.